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They shipped the ornament so fast and got it just in time. Thank you.

Facebook Jail Christmas Ornament

Love this one

Picked one up for a friend of mine. Have to say it looks great.

Just got it.

Impressed with the quality so i had to come a write a quick review. 5 stars. The ornament looks fantastic. thanks. fjb

Hella Good Stain Remover™ Large

Hella yeahhhh!!!

So impressed with this product! Baseball pants cleaned back to showcase white again without a ton of energy and scrubbing. No added bleach, stain removers or scrub brush required. So incredibly impressed!!


Amazing product. Removed stains I never thought would come out on our carpet! Love it!

Hella Good Stain Remover™ Travel Size

Hella good stain remover

Got out stains on my sofa I thought had ruined it for good. Super impressed! Saved me $500 as I was going to buy a new couch

5 Stars.


Took out lipstick stain, no detecting whatsoever! I’m 69 years old wish I knew about this product years ago.


I was a little skeptical when I saw the add but decided to try a small bottle. It exceeded my expectations! Thank you!


Removed both chocolate and coffee stains from my carpet! Super easy to use! I will be purchasing more!

WOW! Amazing!!!

I have kids and light gray interior... which is a disaster. When I moved their carseats my chairs in the back were ruined, I thought nothing would help but I decided to order this anyway. I poured the stain remover on the car seat and used a soft towel I had laying around and the result was amazing!!! Most of the stuff came right out, I allowed the seats to dry and did it again... I still have the front seats to do but I will definitely recommend this Hella Good Stain Remover to EVERYONE! It is simply amazing and a car saver.

Very surprised at how well this works

Hate to admit how long it had been since I cleaned my 12 yr old car's seats. Certainly several years. Tan fabric seats were the only option for the white car I bought and I always regretted not springing for leather. Am really bad about keeping the car clean and had years of leaking plant pots and coffee hot pots, moving dirty pieces of furniture, eating in the car, you get the idea. Was really a pit and always apologized when giving someone a ride. Decided to give them a good scrub first and let the Hella good stain remover sit overnight. Poured it on and scrubbed it in with microfiber cloth that came with the bundle. I Was amazed at how well that worked on it's own without rinsing.

Took a before pic of the last third of the seat before spending about 15 minutes before scrubbing. After pic taken as it started to get dark. It smells really good too.

I love it!!!

Holy cow this stuff is amazing. I recently moved into a house that had some severe stains from previous owners. Not the best pics but here’s before and after.

This is magic!

This is magic! These pics were taken over the course of about 35 minutes. These are year old stains! I’m sold.

This Hella Good Stain Remover Works!!!

I had a very dark, brownish-black stain on my new carpet, even after days of cleaning. I thought I’d try this as a last ditch effort after reading the reviews. After following the directions precisely I’m happy to say that the stain is completely gone!

Works great and leaves no residue.

I used it on my cream colored sofa and pillows to get a few small black stains off. The stain is gone and there was no damage. Very light scent and totally worth the price. I will be buying more! I also used on my carpet as and it worked!

It actually works!

My carpet is absolutely destroyed with deep-set stains and odor that my baking soda concoction doesn’t help anymore. Preface to say that I’m one of those skeptical people who doubts how well a product will work, even with a significant number of great reviews. I’ve used Nature’s Miracle repeatedly and while it smells great, it’s not effective for my situation. They say pictures are worth a thousand words so I’ll let mine speak for itself. I went thru the large bottle of this stuff, I purchased the bundle of this stuff in one day to treat all the problem areas. It worked like a charm! I’ve already recommended to several friends and family this stain remover from hella good shop is fantastic. Thank You!

It works !!!!!!!

This hella good stain remover works great !!!!!
I was so impressed the very first time I applied it to a dog urine spot
I put a paper towel over the spot
And within minutes the paper towel has soaked up a lot of the urine from the rug
And within a couple of hours the spot was clean and no odor
I’ll be buying this product again and have recommended it to my friends


This is AMAZING! I bought it because I had two mattresses that had two giant yellow stains on them and didn't know what they were. I looked for stain remover products on google and this was the first one that appeared. I just poured some of the stain remover on the stains and let it sit for about 30 min. When I came back, the stain was completely removed!! It is crazy! I had even payed for a service that cleans your mattresses and it didn't take away the stain at all. This product completely removed the stain, you can see like a tiny bit of it but is NOTHING compared of what it was before. I have recently adopted a cat and he hasn't done any mess... yet so I will keep this close by. I 100% recommend this product! I forgot to take a before picture but I have two after pictures. Hope this helps.

Holy smackers!!

I’ve been chomping at the bit waiting for this to be delivered lol. So I have 4 cats and 2 dogs. One is a really old one that doesn’t always make it to the litter box. So I can exactly show a before and after of my carpets because they are dark brown buuuut the smell in my house is gone and I think I’m finally comfortable having people over again. I did use it on one side of my microfiber couch too and holy crap! I’ve tried EVERYTHING to clean this freaking couch and the pictures below are the before and after 1 application ! but no other solution has even gotten be this far! I have hope I can restore my couches❤️❤️❤️ I will definitely stay stocked with this! I love the smell ! Y’all should really make air fresheners as well!!! Y’all got something going here !!!

The cleaner removes pet stains fully & completely.

Hella Good stain remover is the very best cleaner for pet stains I have ever used! I used my black light to find all the pet stains. I was shocked to see so much. I have been using vinegar & detergent to clean pet messes. I just never thought to use my black light to see if the stains were gone or not. I read another reviewer used a black light, that's where I got the idea. I could've saved a lot of money if I knew about this stain remover. It's got to be the best stain remover on the market.

Smells Good and Works GREAT!

Even though Buddy was left in our yard by his mother when he was only 4 or 5 weeks old he immediately took to the litter box and had never gone anywhere else. He was neutered at 4 months so he never marked or sprayed things. Now at 1 1/2 years he has been through some stressful times. We sold our home, moved to a different and much more rural setting. When we purchased a very large and fairly expensive area rug for our living room he unexpectedly peed on it! We cleaned it best we could and then he did it again in the same general area. We immediately researched and based on the reviews we bought the Hella Good stain remover. We laid towels down under the area and poured it on, but didn't actually soak the rug. Once it felt pretty dry, we rolled the corner of the rug up, removed the towels and sprayed the underside just a bit to make sure the smell was gone. Not only did It take care of the stain, it took care of the odor! We highly recommend getting this.